Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Jonah

Now that we're home I thought I'd share a few more photos and a little about Jonah's birth. Since I had to have a c-section with Harper because she was breech, I was hoping to avoid the c-section this time and I am happy to say that we were successful.

On Friday of last week I started to have occasional, but not very painful, contractions about every 15 minutes. This made me nervous since my Mom wasn't planning on getting here until Tuesday and even though I have some wonderful friends who I completely trust who had offered to watch Harper, I knew that I would feel better if my Mom was here to be with her. So my amazing Mother switched her ticket and came out on Saturday.

After a couple more days of contractions, I was beginning to worry that she had changed her ticket for nothing and that the baby wouldn't be here any time soon. But Monday afternoon I was taking a nap and my water broke. My contractions immediately got a little more painful and frequent, but I was feeling good enough to pick up Tom from work so he could drive me to the hospital. When we arrived I was at 4cm and feeling okay; the midwife asked if I was planning on getting an epidural. I said that I probably would be but I was planning on holding out for a while, but when the midwife asked why I was doing that, I said that was a good question and I would take the epidural as soon as they would give it to me. That was a great decision.

The epidural was amazing. According to my nurse, not everyone has such a great experience, but mine was amazing. For the past few weeks I have had terrible pain in my hips and back. The epidural totally got rid of that in addition to the pain from the contractions and I was able to relax and get the best sleep I'd had in months. I was so relaxed that when I was checked a little while later I was at 9cm. Yay!

I will save you all of the details, but after 2 hours of pushing Jonah arrived at 2:56am on June 15th. He weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21.5 inches long.

Here is a photo of me with Harper and Jonah the next day when Harper and my Mom came to visit:
So far Harper seems to really like him for a few minutes at a time and then pretty much pretends like Jonah doesn't exist.
Harper had fun goofing off with Daddy in the hospital room.
And also stealing my hospital bed so she could watch cartoons.
My Mom enjoyed holding her newest grandson.And Jonah enjoyed sleeping during the day and keeping me up most of the night.
Here's Tom with Jonah while we were waiting FOREVER to be discharged from the hospital.Jonah in his carseat.
Harper giving Jonah some hugs when we got home from the hospital.


Doris said...

So Jonah, you are here. We look forward to getting to know you.
Love, Grandma J.

Jan said...

What a handsome little guy! And Harper looks so happy! Glad you are all doing well!

April Celeste Garff said...

The more pictures, the better. Thanks for sharing! Glad you had such a good experience!!!

West Family said...

oh, so little and sweet. Congratulations!!! I want to see him and hold the little guy. They are just so much sweeter when they are only a few days old. Love you.

Sherry (Li Rong) said...

Congrats, Tom and Erica!! Johah is so cute!! It's helpful to read about your experience. It makes me feel more prepared :-)

Angie said...

So glad that delivery went well. Welcome to dry land, Jonah!

Luke and Tiff said...

Congratulations! He is darling and hope you and your family continue to do well with the little addition. Jonah is so cute!

Jenna said...

So happy for you both! Congratulations. Glad he's here and love the name! Can't wait to meet him.