Monday, July 18, 2011

13 months

Jonah is now 13 months and there has been a lot going on with him lately.  Let's see if I can remember everything.

He got his first tooth!  Well, it is very slowly coming in but it has at least broken through the gums.  Both of my kids have been late to get their first tooth and then the tooth comes in very slowly.

If you look closely you can see the tooth in this photo.  I didn't have much luck getting him to open his mouth.  He has been very sad for the past couple days.
He now says a few words in addition to mama and dada: Elmo (ohhh), no, and uh-oh.  He also loves to copy what you are doing and steal whatever toy Harper is playing with.

Jonah talks A LOT and is pretty much always jabbering about something.  I believe that he inherited this from Tom.

He eats a lot less than he did a few months ago but continues to be willing to try just about anything.
Just to clarify, this is a root beer bottle and it was empty.
Jonah has ZERO interest in walking.  He hates it.

Jonah's friend Dean had a first birthday party last week and his wonderful mother Rachel made a cake for Jonah to do a cake smash.  Neither boy was really interested in smashing the cake, but Jonah did stick his finger in the frosting a few times.
If Harper wakes up in the middle of the night screaming (this happens a lot) Jonah will just sit up in his crib and stare at her.  I think that Jonah thinks Harper is crazy.

He loves to play peekaboo.

He is afraid of strangers if they get too close, especially men.

He loves to bang on things like they are drums.  He actually takes his naps in our laundry room in a pack and play since Harper tends to do more playing than napping.  I can usually tell he's awake because I can hear him hitting the washing machine.
He loves to open and close doors.

He has a giant head.  I think it is bigger than Harper's.

We have really noticed a change in his attitude over the last couple of months.  He is still jolly sometimes, but is more often a little morose and occasionally cranky.   Overall he is still a very happy baby, but we have definitely noticed a difference.

He is very curious and spends most of the day crawling around the house trying to get into trouble.

He is such a sweet boy and he seems like he has gotten so much older all of a sudden, my little baby is getting so big!

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Uh-oh. Those last words are dangerous.