Saturday, October 29, 2011

Utah Misc.

Here are some random photos from our trip.
Harper eating gelato after having lunch with Grandma. 
The kids in their matching Elmo pajamas that my Mom and I got them.  These guys are big Sesame Street fans.
Harper with my Dad.  We had lunch at Red Rock, YUM!
While I was in town Carly and I went up Big Cottonwood Canyon and did some senior photos.  It was good practice for me and some of them turned out really cute!
I dressed Jonah in this outfit one day and Chase saw it and said he had a matching one.  Of course Chase's doesn't have a green dinosaur on the side.  I think it is interesting to see these two together because they have really similar coloring and look a little alike.
Jonah with Great Grandpa Montgomery, one of my favorite people.
Kelly and her friends had a paint fight.  They are going to wear the resulting clothes to a school  dance.  Harper was very concerned about what happened to Kelly.
Harper coloring while visiting Grandma in her classroom.
A couple of other random things . . .

While we were in Utah we went to Wal-Mart.  We don't have any easily accessible Wal-Mart in our area so Harper has probably only been there a couple times.  While we were shopping Harper kept saying, "This store is weird, I don't like this store."  Me either.

This was the first time Harper has really been around Rocko (my parents' dog) since the biting incident.  I was really curious to see how Harper would respond.  We kept Rocko locked up in his room while the kids were around, but Harper was pretty scared of him. I am glad that she is still afraid of Rocko but isn't afraid of all Dogs.


Jan said...

Nice shots! Can't wait to see Carly's senior pictures!

Jan said...

BTW, I'm glad Harper isn't afraid of all dogs, either!