Monday, July 02, 2012

Hawaii trip part 2 - Maui

Definitely my least favorite part of the entire trip was the plane ride from Oahu to Maui.  We were on this little plane and it was very windy.  It was a very long 25 minutes.
We found a place to stay in Lahaina that had a bedroom and a kitchen, so we were able to spend a lot of time just relaxing at the hotel.  There was a little sitting area with a pull-out couch and a TV and Harper was very happy to have her "own room."  

The hotel also had 3 really nice swimming pools.  The kids were in heaven.
And we were right on the beach.

We had some yummy tacos at this little place that was basically just a guy outside of his house cooking the meat on his grill.

The second day in Maui we decided to take a Road to Hana tour.  Our hotel was on the west side of the island and the tour took us basically around the entire island.  The eastern side of the island is actually a rain forest.
Here is Jonah in a tour van.  There were 12 people total and I don't think that the other people were super excited to see 2 little kids on the van, but the kids actually did really well.  I was a little reluctant to do the tour because it meant spending all day trapped on a van, but the tour was definitely worth it. I think it was probably everyone's favorite day in Hawaii.
 Jonah likes to hold Tom's hand.
We stopped at a stand on the side of the road and bought macadamia nut banana bread.  It was fresh out of the oven.
 We stopped at a black sand beach.
And saw a big waterfall.  We were all a little damp - it rained pretty much the entire time we were there.
 It was really crazy because one minute you were in a rain forest and all of a sudden you are in a desert.  Our tour took us the rest of the way around the island on a VERY bumpy road.
The next day we spent more time swimming and then checked out main street in Lahaina.  We had the best shaved ice ever!  The place actually makes the syrup out of real fruit and it was delicious.
 We drove around north of Lahaina a little bit and saw this pretty snorkeling cove.
 Despite a bunch of missed naps, these guys were really pretty good natured during the trip.
 Our last morning in Maui we spent some time at the aquarium.
I wish we had been able to plan our trip ahead of time so we would have been a little more organized, but the trip was really amazing.  


Judy said...

When you say the kids were in heaven about the pool, I assume you are including Tom as one of the kids, right? This looks like fun! I haven't been to Maui, but I definitely hope to go there some day. Great pictures!

Denise P said...

Looks like fun! Now I know why everyone tries to claim that they sell "Hawaiian Ice" it's apparently really yummy!

Laura said...

Sounds like you did a ton of fun stuff!