Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Utah trip

On Friday my little brother Chase got married!  He has the cutest new wife, Makay, and I am so excited to have her in our family.  We left on Tuesday, spent the night in Vegas, and made it to Salt Lake in time for family photos at Wheeler farm.

Our hotel room in Vegas overlooked the swimming pool.
 And then we at dinner at Firehouse Subs.
 We picked up some fireworks to do at my parents' house.  Jonah loved the poppers.
 Harper loved the sparklers.  They made Jonah a little nervous.
 But he warmed up to them.
 We got a couple of other loud firework-type things.  Jonah got really scared when they were going off, but as soon as it was over he would say, "More!"
On Thursday we tried to go to the Alpine Slide in Park City.  It was raining and the roller coaster was still open so Tom decided to buy day passes for him and Harper.  Non-refundable day passes.  While they were walking from the ticket counter to the coaster, it closed!  We waited around for a couple of hours but it never re-opened.  The manager was not interested in budging on the whole non-refundable thing, but luckily she called us back yesterday and changed her mind.  Instead of the coaster we spent afternoon at the Park City outlets with some friends from Provo.
Jonah waiting out the rain.
On Friday Chase and Makay got married in the Bountiful temple.  It was just beautiful.  There was such a strong feeling of family togetherness while we were in the temple and it really had a big impact on me.

Carly with Harper.
 Tom and Jonah.  It was pretty hot outside.
 Jonah upside down.
 The cousins, Hailey, Harper, Gavin, and Jonah.
 Handsome :)
 My beautiful Mom and sister Kara.
 The kids had fun dancing.
 Jonah loved the cupcakes.
 Jonah and I did some dancing.
My EXTREMELY talented and amazing friend Rachel was their photographer.  Seriously, she was so awesome.
We headed back on Saturday, had breakfast with my Dad and family on our way out, and then were able to stop by Tom's aunt and uncle in Orem.  It was a really quick trip, but the kids were so great in the car and I am so glad that my wonderful husband was willing to drive us all the way to Utah to see my little brother get married :)

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Morgan Moore said...

So sorry we missed you! (and we miss you guys LOTS!)