Monday, July 23, 2012

Well after spending the month of June on vacation, we are happy that things have quieted down around here.  We have just been trying to get caught up and unpacked and back to normal.
sweet girl 
Harper had her friend Zoey over to play
silly boy
One thing that we have been working on is improving our diet in hopes that it will help Harper's eczema. I have been reading the book Disease-Proof Your Child and we have pretty much gotten rid of processed foods and are focusing on making sure that she gets plenty of nutrients and less allergens.  So far her eczema has improved and we are all happier with what we are eating.


Jan said...

That's great, Erica! I know it's harder on you to prepare the meals, but it is better for everyone. Are you baking bread, too?

Doris said...

Amazing what the body will do. All of us feel better, whether in the long or the short run, when the body receives proper food. So many people suffer so much from a lifetime of poor eating choices.