Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas in Utah

After a long, long drive from LA, which included an overnight stop in Vegas, we made it to my Mom's house.   It was a very cold and snowy.    
The kids were very excited to open more presents.
Jonah wore his normal breakfast attire (PJ shirt and a diaper) and added his new Batman boots to the ensemble.
 We rode a carousel.
 The kids played iPad games with Grandma.
We had a yummy breakfast at the Original Pancake House.  These next two are my favorite photos from the trip.
Jonah is a real character and it turns out that this is amplified by having a larger audience.  
It was colder in Utah than we had planned, so we did a little winter shopping (thank goodness for clearance sales!).  I found this jacket for Jonah.  It has a little wolf on the front and little wolf ears on the top.  Every time he wore it he insisted on being called "Wolfie."
 So fun to see these guys.  It was totally worth the trip just to spend time with them.
 It was wonderful to have some help from my sisters.  Harper and Jonah love their aunts!
We got to see my Grandparents.  This is my maternal grandfather and one of the people I most admire in the whole world.
Not the best picture, but this is my maternal Grandmother, Harper, and my Mom.  These three ladies are amazing.
One of the highlights of the trip (other than seeing family) was to ride the Frontrunner Train.  Jonah still talke about getting to ride a train.
We rode downtown to check out the new mall and temple square.  We also spent some time in the Children's area of the Church History Museum.
And this is my cute sister Kelly with her boyfriend.  He is leaving on his mission next month.
We were sad to leave, but happy to be home.  Especially because it got much colder in Utah after we left!


Angie said...

I just have to smile every time I see how much Harper looks like her grandma (NOT Grandma Doris).

Judy said...

Harper needs a Red Riding Hood cape to go with Jonah's wolfie coat.