Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy Birthday Tom!

On the 20th Tom had a big birthday.  We kept it pretty low key and had an ice cream cake at home.  
The kids had helped me pick out some of Tom's favorite treats: baked Cheetos, coke, bubblegum, and of course Batman pajama pants.  
One of Tom's co-workers even brought by some Apple shaped sugar cookies for him.
Tom requested Rubio's fish tacos for his birthday dinner. So we drove to a nearby Rubio's, parked the car, and walked to the front of the building only to discover that it had been closed down :(  But the shopping center did have a kosher fish restaurant which also had fish tacos so we gave it a try. 

Tom got a new camera for his birthday/Christmas so we spent some time playing around with the camera.  And since the camera is Tom's, there might actually be some photos of me in the future!

And here is a photo of us singing Happy Birthday to Tom.  What is it with my kids and licking birthday cakes?

MAH00491 from Erica Jackman on Vimeo.

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Judy said...

I especially like Tom singing to himself. Nice. Happy birthday, Old Man.