Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tyson's farewell/dinner with friends

Sunday morning was my stepbrother Tyson's mission farewell. I have one brother and one stepbrother and they are both 19 so I have been looking forward to them leaving on their missions for years. Tyson is going to Philadelphia and my brother, Chase, is planning on turning in his mission papers in January. Tyson goes into the MTC on December 5th.
Sunday evening Tom and I headed back down to Provo to have dinner with some friends. Tom and a few of his college friends stay in touch by playing World of Warcraft together, and his friend John and John's wife Sherry were nice enough to invite some of us over for dinner on Sunday night. As much as we love the friends we've made at UCLA, we have some great friends in Provo.
Monday morning we headed back to LA. It was nice to visit Utah, but it's nice to be back home.

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betsey said...

Congratulations to your brothers! That is very exciting to have two brothers on a mission at once. My brother and I served at the same time and it was really nice! It is nice for you as well now that missionaries can get emails! It will save you on that letter writing time!