Sunday, May 24, 2009

13 Months

Harper is 13 months old now and all of a sudden she seems so grown up. Her hair no longer sticks straight up (well, most of the time) and she seems to understand a lot of what we say.
  • Harper now crawls at turbo speed and loves to be chased. If I say, "I'm going to get you," she quickly starts crawling away until she's laughing so hard she just waits for me to pick her up.
  • The eating situation is getting a little better. Harper will now eat black beans, corn, and all kinds of crackers (though she still eats mostly baby food) and we are down to nursing just twice a day. Yes!
  • Harper loves bubbles.
  • Harper talks a lot. Very loud. Especially in public. But other than Dada, Mama, uh oh, and doggie, most of what she says is nonsense (to us at least).
  • She loves buttons. We have had to cover up the power button on our TV because Harper was constantly turning it on and off. She knows that something fishy is going on and frequently tries to press the paper covering the button.
  • She likes to be the one to turn the light off when we leave the room.
  • She still loves the swings and gets very excited when we approach the playground. This is her face when she realized we were headed toward the swings earlier today:
  • Harper loves other kids. We babysat a little girl this week that is about Harper's age and when she first got to our apartment, Harper kept bringing her lots of different toys and showing her how they worked. It was cute.
  • She now has 3 teeth that have broken through (2 on bottom, 1 on top) and another on the way.
We love our sweet little girl and are loving being able to see more of her personality as she gets older. We are also excited that her eczema and cradle cap are finally getting a little better and that she hasn't had a UTI since January. Yay!


Jan said...

WOW! Now - we just need to see a video of her crawling!!!!

Great pictures! Will have to make a trip to LA to see you all!

West Family said...

So fun! I love to watch them grow up, but it is bitter sweet for me. They just grow up so fast. Enjoy every second of it, especially before she hits the terrible two's.

Angie said...

I love Tom & Harper's matching hairstyles in the first picture.

April Celeste Garff said...

She is growing up so fast! Cuter by the day!

mom j said...

Erica, you take some really great photos. Keep up the good work.

deelightfull said...

love it, love it