Sunday, May 24, 2009

San Francisco Part 2

On our second day in San Francisco we were able to get together with my mom and stepdad. We ate a gigantic, delicious breakfast and then spent some time on the Wharf:
And then headed over to Ghirardelli Square. Yum.

And then someone decided (Ok, maybe it was me) that we should walk up this huge hill to Lombard Street and then head over to Union Square.
After several breaks and about three hours of walking up and down hills, we somehow ended up back at my parents' hotel (this was not planned) and by the time we got to Union Square it was time to walk back to the Wharf to go to dinner and pick up our car. It was great to just be able to talk to my Mom and Eric and Harper enjoyed being carried around by everyone.
We ended the day with a delicious seafood dinner. It was great to see my Mom and Eric and I'm looking forward to seeing them when I head to Utah in a few weeks. Thanks for letting us hang out with you all day!

The next day we headed back and stopped in Bakersfield again so that Tom and his dad could go see Star Trek. We have been enjoying the blackberries that we picked from Tom's mother's garden since we got back.


Melody said...

I'm just glad we were able to work things out to meet in San Francisco. We loved spending time with you. Those will always be fun memories. We love you guys!

John said...

I am jealous... I want blackberries. Harper's hair btw is really cute these days.