Monday, May 18, 2009

San Francisco Trip Day 1

We decided to take a little trip up to San Francisco to celebrate Tom's graduation. We actually went last week and every night since we got back Tom has asked me why I haven't made a post about the trip, so I guess I should finally make one. We were a little worried about traveling with Harper, but she loves to go places and do new things so she turned out to be a lot of fun to travel with.

We took our time driving up and stopped in Bakersfield to visit with Tom's parents and taking lots of breaks so Harper wouldn't go crazy in the car.

On our first day in San Francisco we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge . . .. . . to see the coastal redwoods at Muir Woods.Here are Tom and Harper looking up at the trees:
They were pretty amazing. The not-so-amazing part of the experience was driving up and down winding roads to get there. But we made it. We then went to Golden Gate park. There are lots of fun things to do there (museums, gardens, and an aquarium), but Harper was so excited to see all of the ducks and turtles that we just ended up walking around the lake and playing on the swings.Mostly we just enjoyed spending some time together. Harper really seemed to like staying up late and going swimming at our hotel.


mom j said...

Great photos! Looks like you had lots of fun.

Jan said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! Great pictures!

Melody said...

I love the pictures. I am anxiously awaiting pictures from day 2. We loved spending the day with you.

Angie said...

Fun! I like the last two photos of Erica and Harper.

Karly said...

LOVE the picture of you and Harper close up on the bed. Way to go Tom!