Wednesday, May 06, 2009

oh boy

So crazy things are going on right now. First of all, I'm done with law school. Weird. Our graduation ceremony is on Friday where I'll be wearing a very heavy robe on what looks like its going to be a fairly hot day.
Second, Harper is really at a fun age. Her personality is really blossoming and we see her change every day. She totally knows how to crawl like a normal baby and uses her mobility to get into anything and everything. No matter how hard we try, Harper finds something to pick up that ends with Erica or me saying, "Harper, put that down!" She has taken an extreme fascination with buttons as of late and she goes out of her way to find them all in order to press each one of them. Our entertainment center is a gold mine. She leans get up on her knees and just goes to town. We now get to deal with Wii being turned on and off, the TV turned on and off, and our DVR's pause, rewind, and fast forward buttons getting pressed (why would you put those buttons on the cable box itelf?) This is not a mashing of fist to device. She gets her little pointer finger out and very deliberately presses the buttons one at a time. She can even hold the tv remote and press the buttons that I tell her to. I showed her how to pause and play the tv and she had a lot of fun pressing those two buttons over and over. If you saw how small those buttons are on our remote you would be impressed. I can barely remember which ones to press.

Harper is also expressing her preference for things more and more. Yesterday I carried her the couple of blocks or so to the swing sets in our complex and I found myself thinking about how I favor my left hip while I carried her. This is kind of odd since I'm right handed. I switched her to my right side since my left arm was getting tired and about 3 seconds later she repositioned herself back to my left side. I switched her back and about 3 seconds later she pulled herself back to my left side again. Not upset, just determined. Apparently she favors the left as well.

Speaking of swings. Harper LOVES the swings. It's one of those toddler ones that looks like a bucket and comes up to her armpits. Erica has been taking her out there a lot during the day while I'm at school and I've started taking her out there as well now that I've got more free time during the day. Harper absolutely loves the swinging and there is no end to how much swinging action she wants. Seriously, no end. No matter how long you swing her, when you go to pull her out, she gets upset. She just sits in the swing and watches the people that come and go past the swing set. Eventually, when I'm getting dizzy just watching her swing, I pull her out. She calms down fairly quickly as we walk away but I wonder how long she would go if she had her way. We'll never know.


Jan said...

Congratulations on getting past your exams - and graduating! What a great accomplishment.

Now you get to be out in the "real world!"

I seem to remember another baby (Erica, maybe) with a penchant for pushing buttons on the VCR and television.... It's remarkable that she has such well-developed fine-finger ability! But then, she's the daughter of two pretty smart people!

John said...

Congrats on passing your exams. I wish we could be there to see you graduate. Have fun!

ElderP said...

(This is actually Denise) AJ is also quite the button presser and also LOVES the swings, though he doesn't get much of an opportunity.

mom j said...

Do you in fact know that you passed your exams? (just kidding) I think that button thing is just a child loved them too. You used to adjust the sound, turn off the TV and then when some unsuspecting soul turned it on, 100,000 decibles of sound blared out. I think they fixed that problem now so you can't do that. Keep having fun. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I was just thinking how long it has been since our first kindergartener went off to school, and now, our last child leaves school. Guess you aren't a child anymore. Sigh.

Melody said...

Congratulations on your graduation Tom! We wish we could be there. It will be good to see you next weekend.