Saturday, June 20, 2009

the bar exam

There is something to be said for the saying, "if ye are prepared ye shall not fear." When it comes to attempting to learning the massive volumes of material that the bar examiners expect you to know, it is a matter of deciding how much fear you are comfortable with. This is definitely a process no one would want to repeat, even if jobs and future well being wasn't on the line. Being a serial procrastinator doesn't help me any and I'm doing everything I can to psych myself up so that I don't waste valuable time. Right now I am diligently attending my bar prep class that meets five to six days a week and telling myself this is why I took it easy for two years, so that I can push hard now that it matters most. The next blog post will illustrate why that has been trickier than one might otherwise think.

My support crew:


mom j said...

Oh, my favorite young procrastinator! May you learn many lessons and rise to the occasion!
How are the others feeling in your class? I would imagine that the intense preparation for the bar affects most people in the same way. Do you study as a group? Do you have assignments, papers, etc? Tests along the way?
When is the bar exam to be taken?

Jan said...

Tom, I know this is a difficult time. You feel, clearly, that so much is riding on this. But you are up for it and will do fine! Keep up with the studying. It will be over soon. Well. Sort of....