Monday, June 08, 2009

beach trip

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. We've had a rough couple of weeks that have involved all kinds of computer problems and Harper getting new teeth and everyone being sick. We have had some fun times though. The other day Tom was laying on the couch and Harper crawled up to him, put her head down on his shoulder, and said "Dada." It was so cute I almost cried.Speaking of Harper, we have had a rough time teething. She got her first tooth at 11 months, and then a couple of weeks ago she got three more. This has not been a pleasant experience for anyone.

She is all over the apartment lately, cruising all over the furniture and trying to stand on her own. She is also likes to do "headstands" (normally she puts her head down on the ground). On Saturday we went to Mother's Beach to get together with the Hawkins (who were visiting from Cleveland) and some other former UCLA ward members that we don't get to see often enough. This was, sadly, Harper's first trip to the beach. I'm not a big fan, but I'm glad we made an exception.
Harper got some hugs from NoraAnd sat on a mat on the sand (I tried to let her play in the sand, she didn't like it, she takes after her mother). You can see her brand new teeth in this photo.Clare and Nora were a little more adventurous.We love the UCLA ward and miss all of our friends who have moved away!


Jan said...

Oh, Erica, you gotta spend more time at the beach! You'll get used to it! Wear sunscreen, though. All three of you will bake!

Sorry to hear things have been tough - hope they settle down!

Denise said...

teething--good times!!

Judy said...

I related. When Bob was in school in San Diego and we had babies we never went either, except when when we had company or there was a ward party on the beach. As the kids got older and began to love playing in the sand, it got a lot more fun.