Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Utah recap

We've been back from Utah for a week now and I'm finally getting around to making a post. I think Harper misses my mom's dogs, but she was excited to see Tom and is happy to be home.

Some things we enjoyed while in Utah . . .
  • Visiting with her cousin Hailey and meeting her new cousin Gavin (who we didn't even get a picture of, shame on us).
  • Hanging out with my sister's and cousins. She loved the attention.
  • Hanging out with my mom (by the way, Happy Birthday Mom!) and laughing at my stepdad. I have no idea what she thought was so funny, but every time he looked at her she started laughing.
  • Having dinner with my Dad and visiting him at work.
  • Getting together with her friend Emma. While we were in Utah we were able to get together with my friend Jaime who used to be in our ward here (but now lives in Texas where her husband is a dentist). Emma and Harper were born a few days apart and haven't seen each other since they were a few weeks old, so it was fun to have them play together.
We're looking forward to our next visit . . . in less than a month.


Jan said...

She loves the camera! Glad she was able to catch up with everybody!

The Thomases said...

It was so fun to see you guys! Harper is such a hoot and we wish we could be closer!