Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're in Utah

Well, we made it. The flight was. . . interesting. Harper got mad that she couldn't get out of our seat and started screaming and spilling goldfish everywhere, but we survived.

The whole way from the airport Harper kept saying "doggies, doggies," and she does love the doggies. I'm just not sure how much they love her. Since everyone was at work or school today, Harper and I ran a couple of errands, spent some time outside, and visited my lovely Mom on her lunch.And then we hung out at home for the rest of the evening. I also got to help Carly with her chemistry homework, which I always enjoy but I think I get on Carly's nerves. Here's Harper with Carly and Kelly.I told Tom I'd try to post some photos every day that we're gone, so watch out for lots of blog posts over the next couple weeks.


mom j said...

Great photos, Erica! Looks like you are having fun.

The Thomases said...

I wish we were there too!