Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Since I am in Utah and Tom is in California, Valentine's Day this year has been postponed. I spent the day at stake conference with my parents and then my sister, Aubrie, and her family came over for dinner.

First, here are a couple cell phone photos from yesterday.Harper snuggling with Carly on the couch.Harper loves standing on the vents when the heat is on.Playing with aunt Kelly before stake conference.
Harper loved playing with her cousin Hailey. After dinner we gave Harper and Hailey each a little bowl of goldfish to have as a snack. Since Harper LOVES goldfish, hers were gone in about two minutes but Hailey set hers down after she ate a few. Harper picked Hailey's bowl up and I told her several times that was Hailey's bowl. Harper tried to give the bowl to Hailey, but she didn't take it. So Harper picked up her bowl, transferred the goldfish from Hailey's bowl to her own, and then started eating them. I guess she thought that the ownership only referred to bowl, not the goldfish inside.

Here is cute Gavin. And Harper and Hailey eating their goldfish.Harper has just discovered "pretending." She thinks it's really funny to lay down with a blanket, say "night night," and pretend to snore.This is Harper dancing with Eric and Kelly before church this morning.

It was no fun to be away from Tom on Valentine's day. He is such an amazing husband and father and, even though we are having lots of fun in Utah, we are looking forward to going home.

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