Tuesday, February 16, 2010

family visits

Yesterday we got together with my Mom's family and ate at Cafe Rio. I didn't take any pictures and I'm so sad, so if any of my cousins took pictures they better send them. We actually saw Orrin Hatch at Cafe Rio. I love getting together with everyone. Harper was very entertaining and did plenty of dancing and singing.

Today I spent the morning at my Dad's apartment. Here is Harper playing on his couch.And here she is hanging out with my Dad.I took Harper back to my Mom's to take a nap, and after Carly and Kelly got out of school we went to Wheeler Farm. Harper loved all of the geese and ducks and chickens and cows.
Someone gave us some bread to feed the chickens. After a few minutes we realized that Harper was eating the bread instead of feeding them.I have some beautiful sisters.
And then we got back together with my Dad for some yummy dinner. Thanks Dad!


Randy said...

I had a great time. I hope everyone else did as well! Love you all!

Randy said...

And yes, you do have some beautiful sisters!

Morgan Moore said...

Hey did you know they have a Cafe Rio now here in LA?

Call me when you get back : )

Tom said...

I miss you guys a lot. Come home soon!