Thursday, October 21, 2010

4 month appointment

We took Jonah in for his 4 month appointment today.  Here are his stats . . .

Height: 28 inches, 99th percentile
Weight: 17 pounds 5 oz, 86th percentile
Head: Very big, I don't remember what they said

So it looks like he has dropped a little bit in the weight percentiles which is great because I am already having trouble lugging him around.  Harper was 27.5 inches and 17 pounds 9 ounces at 9 months old.  The nurse actually measured him twice because he didn't think that 28 inches could be right.

Harper got her flu shot while Jonah was getting his vaccinations.  It was weird because she and Jonah have very similar sounding cries and it sounded so funny that they were crying in unison that the nurse and I started laughing.



Melody said...

I'll have to see if I can find how long you were at 4 months. I'll bet you weren't too far behind Jonah. I guess he is losing his hair. You can't really tell when his hair is dry, but you can sure see it when it is wet. I kind of hope his hair stays dark like yours did.

April Celeste Garff said...

I can't believe he's so big! How fun (except for the lugging him around part). He's as big as 11-month-old Liam (just a few pounds lighter)! What a cutie, big babies are so adorable!!!

Jan said...

Wow! He's really growing! He'll outpace Harper pretty quickly at this pace!