Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun with the Pedrozas

John, Denise, and AJ were kind enough to come visit us today.   Harper and AJ had a blast together.
We ate lunch at Pitfire Pizza.
 And then went up to the Getty with hopes of enjoying some beautiful views.  Unfortunately, this is what we found:
But we didn't let the fog stop us from having a good time.
Thanks for visiting!


Tom said...

And if you can't tell we finally got the replacement for our previous camera (which we sold via Craigslist to some strange guy who said he was going to use it to shoot music videos).

Christmas came early this year for Daddy!

Jan said...

So -- what did you get????

Looks like ya'll had a great time! AJ is so cute -- and it's fun to see him and Harper together!

Melody said...

Fun pictures, thanks for posting so many!

cate said...

Erica! You look so stellar in these pics! You give me hope that I can look lovely after having 2 kids (when the time comes:).

Miranda said...

Jonah is growing so fast! We need to see him soon (Thanksgiving?)