Tuesday, October 12, 2010

recently . . .

I have been lazy about posting lately because 1) we haven't been doing much, 2) we are currently without our normal camera (we sold our old one and are waiting for our new one to be released), and 3) Tom has been coming home earlier so even though we've still just been our boring selves, Tom has been home so I have been spending time with him instead of updating the blog. 

We did go to Bakersfield on Sunday to spend today with Tom's parents. Yesterday Harper kept saying, "Grandma's house, YAY!"  I did take a couple of pictures but they are upstairs and I don't want to wake up Harper from her nap so those will have to wait.

Jonah has been going through a rough phase.  He is normally so happy and smiley, but for the past few days he has been very clingy and starts to shriek if you set him down.  That made for a very interesting experience at Target today.  He is still big, and I just boxed up most of his 3-6 month clothes.  I weighed him on our scale the other day and he weighed 17 pounds.  We go in for his 4 month appointment next week so we will see how much he actually weighs. 

Harper is hilarious and Tom and I are always laughing at things that she says or does.  We are still struggling with her eczema.  She will just go crazy scratching her feet sometimes.  She gets upset, we get upset, and we don't know what to do to help her.  We are taking her to the dermatologist again in a couple weeks so hopefully he will have some answers for us.  Right now she is obsessed with grapes and wants to eat them all of the time.  She will come in our room every morning and say, "Okay, it's grapes time."  This is the face Harper makes when I ask her to smile and say "cheese." 
I will post 4 month and 2 and a half year updates for the kids soon, but I know that our parents were anxious for updates!


Melody said...

Yes, your parents do appreciate the updates! We hate being so far from you and missing all the cute things the kids do. You posting to your blog helps keep us up to date. We sure miss you!

Jan said...

So does your aunt and grandparents! We all love to see the kids and how they are blossoming.

Looks like Jonah's got "wavy" hair! Love Harper's smile!

April Celeste Garff said...

Love that whale of a Jonah! Big babies are so adorable! Can't believe he's almost as big as Liam! (we've just barely boxed up 3-6 month clothes, too!)

Angie said...

Aunts love updates too! It's so fun to see those personalities develop.