Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I have mentioned before that I'm not much of a holiday celebrator, but I am trying to get a little more into it for Harper.  I decided that I was going to make Harper and Jonah's costumes this year, and it really helped me get into Halloween and I have been so excited to get the kids dressed up.

Last night we went to a party at Tom's office.  I failed to take any photos, but we had a good time trick or treating around the offices and chatting with Tom's co-workers.  I think Tom enjoyed showing off the kids.

Tonight we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat.  Here is Harper in her Dorothy costume:

And Jonah in his Superman costume.

My favorite thing about Halloween is the candy, but I have been doing a Healthy Habits challenge with my sister and some friends (I will make a blog post about this another time).  I have a cheat day, which I used yesterday, so I am currently staring at a bucket full of candy that I can't have.  It's probably for the best.

Also, Kimora Lee Simmons was at our Trunk or Treat.  Tom didn't know who she was, but I have a small interest (maybe a little more than a small interest) in celebrity news so I used to watch her reality show.  Her little boy Kenzo comes to Musicmakers (a music class some women in the ward do once a week at our chapel) with his nanny, but I never realized that he was her son.  This makes the third celebrity citing I have had a church, since I have also seen Larry King's wife Shawn and Dr. Rey from the show Dr. 90210.  They are both in one of the other wards in our building.


Jan said...

You did a fantastic job with the costumes!

I'm so glad ya'll had fun celebrating Halloween! I always loved handing out candy at Halloween!

How great that Tom's work has a Halloween party so the kids have a place to get some treats!

Doris said...

Superman, you're going to have to work on that gut! Gorgeous costumes, Erica.

Melody said...

The kids look so cute! You did a great job on the costumes Erica. I knew you would eventually come around with the holiday celebrating. You'll have to plan to come to Utah one year for Halloween. Harper and Jonah would have loved it. We had nearly 200 people come by last night.

Angie said...

Great costumes! I'll bet Harper loves those ruby red shoes.

Doris said...

Ah Utah! Where the trick-or treaters come around on Friday night. Our ward provided a "trunk or treat" and a chili cookoff here in California for our ward's kids. I suspect we will be seeing trick or treaters any minute now at the door. It was a great debate as to whether to turn off the lights and JUST SAY NO to Sunday trick or treaters. My best conscience lost, and I bought a bag of candy. Sigh.

The Thomases said...

I love her costume! It turned out great. Your comment about the princess costumes for the next 5 years totally made me laugh. It's so true! Any plans of going to Utah soon? Emma and I will be there the end of January.