Tuesday, February 15, 2011

8 months / 34 months

Jonah on Valentine's day.  The sticker was Harper's idea.

Jonah is 8 months old today.  This morning we were at this little program at a mall and someone asked me how old he was, and I said 6 months.  No wait, he's 8 months!  What?  Jonah celebrated his 8 month mark by giggling uncontrollably while I was trying to feed him breakfast this morning.  I would spoon some baby food into his mouth and he would start laughing and the food just drooled right back out of his mouth.  It was hilarious.

A few new things about Jonah . . .

  • He now says "dada" in addition to "mama."  
  • He has no interest in crawling or being mobile in any way other than rolling.  He does not like to stand up and if you try to stand him up he will jump.
  • He seems to have slowed WAY down as far as growth.  He still fits into the same clothes that I thought he was outgrowing 2 months ago.  
Watching basketball with Daddy.

  • He does this funny squirmy thing when you pick him up which involves him rubbing his nose on your shoulder.  This has been unfortunate lately since he has had what Harper calls a "goober nose" for the last couple weeks.  
  • Jonah loves to try to eat what is in your hand.  A couple of times I have been holding him while eating and I look down to see him eating the food that I am holding.  Keep your fingers crossed, we have seen no signs of food allergies.  
Harper holding Jonah on the couch.
Waiting for Daddy after work.
Harper will be 34 months next week.  
  • She is now potty trained!  Well, pretty much.  She still wears a diaper during her naps and at night, but we haven't had any accidents for a while so I think she is pretty much there.  The funny thing is that she has such tiny little hips that most of the underwear I bought for her is too big. 
  • Whenever she does something to help or cleans something up, she's says that she is doing it, "like a big girl."  I love it.  

  • She loves to play dress up by putting on lots of hats and trying to wear her toys.  

Opening her Valentine from Grandma.

  • She is trying to be done with naps, but I am trying to make her keep taking them.  She probably naps 2-3 days a week, but the other days she will still play in her room by herself for about 90 minutes.  This has led to a very messy bedroom.
  • We are making progress with food.  Right now she has to eat 3 bites of whatever we are having for dinner before she can have anything else (usually fruit or a sandwich).  She even ate some split pea soup the other day. 


Melody said...

They are so cute and sweet. I can't wait to see them! Just 17 more days!

RT said...

Cutest grand kids ever!

Jan said...

Can't wait to see them!

Angie said...

I love reading these posts. Such fun!