Wednesday, February 09, 2011

temple grounds

We live about a 15 minute walk from the temple grounds.  Today I was thinking about walking over there with the kids and I was wondering why we don't do that more often.  When we got to the temple I remembered why.  Harper was running around like a crazy person.  She was super loud and was throwing these little rocks everywhere.  Not exactly reverent.   Don't be fooled by this photo.
Jonah wanted to get out of the stroller so I set him on the ground.  While I was chasing Harper around I noticed that he had a mouthful of grass.  Oops.

In an attempt to restore the enjoyment of our walk, we went into the visitor's center for a few minutes.  The visitor's center was recently re-done and it is really amazing.  Well, at least the front is.  The two times I have taken Harper, I haven't made it past the front of the building because they have this computerized coloring table that I can't pry Harper away from.  
This is Harper folding her arms and being reverent.  
Jonah charmed all of the sister missionaries.  He's such a little flirt.


Melody said...

Incredible photos Erica! Maybe it has something to do with the darling subjects!

Jan said...

Great pictures. Looks like you are all having fun!

Doris said...

Temple grass is good for you. Encourage the boy.