Sunday, February 20, 2011

quick Bakersfield trip / pinterest

On Wendesday we went up to Bakersfield for the afternoon.  Tom wasn't particularly swamped at work and we didn't know when that might happen again, so we left after lunch.  It was a quick trip but Tom got to help his Dad with some home repairs and help his Mom explore her new iphone.  Harper got to play with their dogs.
Harper and Tony
Tom + sheetrock
Recently someone told me about this website called Pinterest and now I am addicted.  Tom makes fun of me because I my internet bookmarks are a disaster and are completely unorganized.  Pages and pages of unorganized links that I will probably never look at again because I would never be able to find what I was looking for.

Pinterest is a way to organize and collect all of your favorite things.  It says on the homepage that it will, "catalogue the things you love."  You can make all kinds of folders like recipes, craft ideas, photos, etc.

Pinterest is just in beta so you can either request an invite or I can send you one.  Llet me know if you want one.

Also, here is a photo of Tom and Harper reading yesterday.  Tom has been really busy with work lately and Harper has sure missed him.


Melody said...

Send me an invite to Pinterest.

Jan said...

Looks like Harper had fun in Bakersfield! Glad you were able to get away, even if for just a little while!

Jenna said...

I want an invite too!

Doris said...

Harper looks a bit scared in the picture, but she really took to the dogs, even with their jumping and licking her face. She really giggled and giggled. After a while, they needed a break from her!

Janet said...

i've heard pinterest is addicting too. i'd love to check it out if you can send an invite. thanks!

Ellen said...

If you still have an invite to share, could you send it my way?

P.S. Your family is adorable!

April Celeste Garff said...

If you still have more invites for pinterest, I'd love one!