Tuesday, February 22, 2011

crazy girl

I took the kids to Costco this morning.  On the way there we saw several billboards for the movie Rango.  We have been telling her for the last few days that if she can keep her pull-up dry during her nap that Tom will take her to see Rango, so when we saw the billboards we talked about going to see the movie.  I guess poop must have been on her mind, because while we were shopping Harper made up a little song which she sang in a VERY loud voice.  It included lines such as, "Don't poop on clothes, don't poop on bed, don't poop on floor, don't poop on Baby Jonah," etc.  I hope my fellow shoppers thought this was as funny as I did.


Doris said...

I think it's funny. Ignore the others.

Jan said...

How fun! I'm sure that Harper has a beautiful voice. If others don't appreciate it, that's their problem!

I hope she gets to see Rango soon!