Friday, March 18, 2011

9 months / 35 months

This is going to be brief because I still have a giant, unpacked suitcase and a sink full of dirty dishes, but I wanted to mention a few things that have been going on with the kiddos lately so I don't forget.
Carly and Jonah
Jonah is still his jolly little self.  His growth has continued to slow down (Harper did a similar thing around 8-9 months) and he weighs just under 21 pounds (I weighed him at Harper's appointment today).  I am not taking him in for his 9 month appointment until next month because I wanted to do his 9 month and Harper's 3 year at the same time.  He can pretty efficiently pick up his own food now and seems to love carbohydrates (waffles, bread, crackers, etc).  I think he might be getting interested in crawling, but it is still going to be a while.  Right now he can roll around on the floor and can also bounce himself forward pretty well when he is sitting up.

This little boy loves Elmo.  Harper will be watching Sesame Street and Jonah will quietly be playing with his toys, but when the "Elmo's world" part comes on he watches and giggles. So cute.  He is still toothless.  I think it looks like his bottom two teeth are coming in, but I think he will be like Harper and have his teeth come in late and grow in very slowly.  One of my favorite things right now is when we are standing somewhere in public Jonah likes to stare at someone and smile until they look at him and smile back.  He does this all of the time and I just love it.
I love these chubby arms and legs!
Harper is doing pretty well.  This morning she was wiping her nose and she wiped hard enough to break off some of the scab on her upper lip and that took some of her stitches with it.  We already had an appointment with the pediatrician today and he said that the would looked healed enough that it didn't need to be re-stitched up.  I have been surprised that she doesn't seem to be afraid of dogs.  She comments on the bite several times during the day and will say, "Doggie did a big no-no, Rocko go to time out."
Harper + chicken nugget = one happy little girl
Other than that she is her normal self, which means she is happy and loving one second and whiny the next.  One of her favorite things is to help with Jonah and she likes to bring me diapers when I need them or bring Jonah toys if he is fussing.  She is really good at getting him to laugh and he just adores the attention she gives him.  Our trip to Utah in combination with the dog bite has really hindered our potty training work and our progress with getting Harper to eat new foods, but we are going to get back on track now.
I know that our family is interested in how Harper is healing so I will try to update on that again soon, but just know that she is healing well and she is okay.  The doctors at Primary Children's did such a great job.  I just keep thinking about how much worse the damage could have been and I am grateful that she is doing so well.  I know that my mom and stepdad feel really bad about what happened, but it isn't their fault and it makes me feel bad that they feel bad so they better stop it!


Doris said...

Children are wonderful. Too bad us adults can't be as resilient and unmarred about the things that come along. Some things seems so huge and in the end, we ought to be like Harper, and just keep smiling.

Melody said...

We love our grandkids more than we ever imagined we could. Just like when you were a kid, we wanted to protect you from all harm. There are things that happen in life that are out of our control. It just takes time to get over those things. We love you all tons!

Jan said...

Glad to hear that Harper -- and Jonah -- are doing well! I had wondered how she was healing up, so I'm glad for the update.

I'm glad the incident with Rocko didn't turn Harper against dogs. And I'm sure that plenty of good times are ahead for Harper, Jonah and Rocko!