Thursday, March 10, 2011

wednesday, thursday

As you can see, Harper had some fun with her cousins Hailey and Gavin yesterday.  They spent a long time just jumping off of the fireplace onto the floor together.  

Today Carly and I went down to Provo to check out BYU.  I am trying to persuade Carly that is where she should go to school.  We also made a stop by the candy counter at the bookstore.  Yum.
We drove by some of my old apartments and then walked around on campus.  This is Harper in front of the MARB which is where Tom and I met.
Afterward we went to Cafe Paesan, which is a restaurant in Orem that is kind of like Cafe Rio but with Italian food. Harper and Jonah were both very happy and giggly even though neither of them had any yummy pizza.
We are looking forward to spending the day with my Mom tomorrow since she has the day off. 

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Leilani said...

Look at those smiles! Cute!