Wednesday, June 15, 2011

all about Jonah

Today is Jonah's birthday!  We celebrated by visiting his pediatrician for his well child visit where he received 4 shots and got his blood drawn.  Very exciting.  That is in addition to the two trips we had to make there yesterday because Harper has another urinary tract infection :(  Hopefully the rest of the day will go better.

At his visit he weighed 21 pounds 7 oz and was 29.5 inches (somehow 1 inch shorter than he was at his last visit, I think they measured wrong last time).  He has continued his downward slide on the growth and weight chart and is now below the 50th percentile on both.  His head is still as big as ever and is in the 90-something percentile.  Harper has commented several times recently that Jonah has a large head.  

Here are a few things about Jonah:
  • We haven't really found a food that he doesn't like.  He even likes Indian food and especially likes meat.
  • While he is very sweet, he is also stubborn.  If he wants something, he will persist until he gets it.
  • He can pull himself up, but doesn't really have any interest in standing or walking.  It takes real effort to get him to straighten his legs out so that he will stand.
  • He gives big, open-mouthed kisses.
  • He is afraid of most men.
  • He loves to turn pages in books.  One of his birthday presents was an Elmo book with flaps that open and close, and I haven't been able to pry it away from him today.
  • He loves music, especially this song.
  • If Harper is laughing, he will start laughing too.  
  • If Harper is holding a toy, he will try to take it away.  This has led to many problems.
  • He is the funniest little crawler.  He really smacks his little hands on the floor when he crawls and he also likes to smack his lips.  It's pretty cute.
  • He is so good natured.  He has a high tolerance for being hungry or tired and it takes a lot to get him upset.
  • I think he's a Mama's boy, but he certainly loves his Daddy too.  When Tom gets home from work he doesn't want anything to do with me.
  • I can't remember if I have mentioned this before, but if I am sitting on the floor he will crawl over and lay his head down in my lap.  I LOVE IT.  Harper has noticed this and will now crawl over and put her head in my lap.  Silly girl.
Overall, Jonah is just the sweetest little boy.  We love having him in our family.  Here are some photos from the last year.








RT said...

Thanks for the birthday post!

Jan said...

Well, I can't seem to get signed in to post. Let's try again!

Jonah is such a sweetie -- and so is Harper! Wish I could see you all more often!