Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vacation - Park City

This is a long, picture-heavy post so if you aren't related to us you can probably skip this.

Our vacation didn't end there.  We left on Wednesday for Park City where we were renting a house with Tom's parents and siblings.
Harper and Wyatt
We tried to go to the Alpine Slide on Thursday, but it was raining so the slide was closed.

Emma making funny faces in the hot tub
On Friday it wasn't raining but the alpine coaster was not working.  We got day passes for a few adults and most of the kids.  
Brent and Aiden on the alpine slide
Grandma and Sydney
Tom and Harper
Mia on the rock climbing wall
Harper bouncing.  You are supposed to weigh 40 pounds to do this.  Harper weighs less than 30, so she wasn't very bouncy.
Harper and Aiden sharing a snow cone 

The coaster finally opened later in the afternoon and everyone got in a few rides.
Cute Sydney 
AJ hugging Harper
Harper and I waiting for Tom to take another ride on the coaster.  Look at that scenery!

Harper was surprisingly happy after such a tiring day. 
After we left Park City we headed to Tom's Grandpa's 80th birthday party.  It was great to see everyone, but the program was a little long for lots of crazy kids.  Mia helped me out with Harper.
 Taylor was getting a little antsy.
Both of our kids have two cousins that are their age on Tom's side of the family which I am so happy about.  Harper is halfway between AJ and Aiden and all three of them will actually be in the same school year.  Jonah just turned 1, Taylor will be 1 next month, and then Tyler will be 1 in January.

After the birthday party I was excited to get to go to my cousin's baby shower.  I miss pretty much all family events since we live far away, so it was exciting to see some cousins and aunts that I haven't seen in a while.  Harper helped Sarah open some of her presents.

We snuck in a quick attempt at family photos after the shower.  Tom and I were planning on leaving at 3am the next day so we needed to be in bed early.
Jonah playing guitar with Uncle Chase

Chase and Jonah
Kara and H ailey 
We were hoping we could find someone around to take the photo since we hadn't brought a tripod, but no one was around.  So Tom is missing from the photo. 
 Just pretend like he is there.

Greg, Aubrie, Hailey, and Gavin

We tried to get a photo of all of the kids together.  Jonah DID NOT want to participate, so Harper tried to hold him in place.  This did not go over well.


The next day we actually succeeded in getting on the road by 3am and made it home by 3pm.  We only stopped twice.  Once in Beaver for breakfast:
And once in Barstow for lunch.  Notice that both kids are still in their pajamas at this point.

We let Jonah have a little bit of milkshake and now he thinks that any cup with a straw in it must be a milkshake so he will try relentlessly to drink out of it.  

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Angie said...

LOVED this post! So many cousins, such lucky kids. Keep up the good work in helping them to know each other!