Tuesday, June 28, 2011

some random things

Jonah has been pulling himself up for a while now, but for a long time he would only do it if he really wanted something that he couldn't reach while crawling.  This little boy did not like to stand up.  But over the last week or so he now pulls himself up regularly.  We stopped by to see Tom on Sunday afternoon since he had to work (boo) and the kids ran around for a while in the courtyard behind his building.
This is Jonah in his stroller on the way over there.  He LOVES graham crackers and I usually let him have one or two for a snack as we walk and he ends up covered in graham cracker.
We have been working with Harper for a while to get her to try new foods.  The only foods that she will eat willingly (that she isn't allergic to) are chicken nuggets, grapes, granola bars, apples, pears, and plain spaghetti noodles.  So every night she has to try a few bites of what we're eating.  She does this incredibly annoying thing where she will put the food in her mouth and then just let it stay in her cheeks FOREVER without chewing it.  And when we try to get her to eat some more she says that she is "finishing."  Such a little staller.  Here she is with cheeks full of something.
I gave Jonah a cookie the other day for the first time.  He has had little pieces of cookies before, but I have never given him his own.  He went crazy and gobbled the whole thing down in about 2 minutes.  
It is so weird to go from such a picky eater to a little boy who will eat any and everything!


Jan said...

Try graham cracker and Nutella! Or is Harper allergic to hazelnuts?

Looks like your baby isn't a baby anymore!

Tom said...

We've done toasted bread and Nutella. Harper is allergic to something in that. She did love it though.

She is also addicted to crackers of any kind and she will eat ice cream or candy of any kind (for the most part).

April Celeste Garff said...

Welcome to being a mom of a boy---they find such joy in eating!

Poor Tom working on the weekend---Ugh! Maybe it's not worth the pay raise for Steve to apply, but boy how I miss LA.

Jan said...

Too bad about the Nutella! Hopefully she will grow out of these nut allergies! Maybe smores?