Monday, February 27, 2012

turn that frown upside down

We were having a rough day today.  I have been trying to keep this saying in mind every day, and especially on the hard ones, so instead of sitting around thinking about the pile of dirty laundry on my bedroom floor we headed over to the temple and visitor's center.
 I was looking to feel some peace.  And, even though my kids were running around like crazy people, I felt a feeling of comfort and reassurance.  And also a feeling of love toward my kids (even though they were driving me crazy).
 They have this little computer coloring table that the kids enjoy.
I love that the people working in the visitor's center are so friendly.  It is such a helpful and welcoming thing to experience when we walk in the building, and it is something that I would like to be better at.

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Judy said...

I like your proactive approach. What a sweet way to handle mother-stress.