Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's day, park, bikes, etc.

What we've been doing . . .

Making cookies at Harper's friends "the Kates."  Kate was nice enough to share her princess dresses.
 Kate's mom Morgan made the girls these cute little aprons.  Harper has worn hers pretty much every day.
 Goofing off in the kids room.  I love that the kids have a fairly big bedroom because we spend a lot of time playing in there and the kids love it.
 Opening Valentine's cards.  Harper was in a pretty bad mood here but she thought they were very special.
 Riding bikes in the church parking lot.  Since we live in an urban-ish area, most people don't have anywhere for their kids to ride bikes so sometimes people will get together in the church parking lot.  Jonah had a good time pushing Harper around on the bike.  Harper enjoyed being chauffeured.
 Tom was able to join us, even though it was Friday afternoon.  Yay!
 Our neighbors have been doing some kind of construction for the last few months.  It is very loud and wakes Jonah up which leads to a very cranky little boy by early evening.
 This morning we were able to have a little picnic at the park.
I am going to try to make more posts so that I don't get behind which makes me not want to post.  I'm working on it.


Doris said...

Those two sure are growing up. Amazing. You sure do a great job with them, Erica.

Denise P said...

how fun :-) We don't have space for biking either. However, AJ has a bike (and a trike) at Nana's house nearby. I think it's time to move on from the trike and start with the bike. We want to buy bikes once in Riverside.