Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Utah Trip

I am a little behind on posting, but better late than never.

In December Southwest had some really cheap tickets, but we had to leave on January 24th and come back on January 31st (my birthday) so that's what we did.  I didn't really think about the fact that it is the middle of winter and it would be cold but it wasn't too terribly cold.

Jonah was very excited to be in Utah!
 Harper's hair pretty much looked like this most of the time we were there.  Mine didn't look much better.
 Kelly is going to be so happy that I posted this picture.
 My Grandparents were able to come by for a visit, which I always love.  They are so great.
 We spent lots of time goofing around at Grandma's house.
 On Saturday we went bowling at Fat Cats.  Harper pretty much thought it was the best thing ever.  Here she is in her bowling shoes.
 Here she is bowling:
 And then we had pizza.  These guys love pizza.
 Here is my brother Chase with his girlfriend Makay.  Harper really took to Makay and has been asking about her since we got home.
 The kids had TONS of fun with their cousins.  Hailey is about a year older than Harper and Gavin is about a year older than Jonah.
 We took some more senior photos for Carly since I wasn't happy with how few of them turned out last time.  We got lots of good ones (Carly, I will send them soon).
We got to visit with my Dad for a few hours.  Jonah was not in the best mood since he had fallen asleep in the car on the way there.  
 My Grandparents brought over these computers and Jonah and Harper had a great time playing with them.
Dual monitors.  
The kids reading with Grandma.  
 I left the afternoon of my birthday so I was able to go to lunch with my Mom, Eric, and my kids which was really nice.
I even got to enjoy a 25 hour birthday since I gained an hour when I flew back to LA :)


kara t. said...

See what happens to your hair when you visit Utah without me?!

Doris said...

The cousin pictures are wonderful. Instant friends!