Monday, April 16, 2007

coming to terms with the exclamation point

I hate exclamation points. I think that my hatred stems from my attitude in high school that I was going to try to be as non-peppy as possible, but at this point I correspond via email so often that I have had to re-think my position on punctuation. In fact, I was a very big poetry-writing, editor-of-the-literary-magazine dork in high school and I was well known for refusing to use any punctuation in my poetry. But recently. . . I have noticed that, in an attempt to spruce up my emails, I have started to use the occasional :) and ! and I have decided that maybe the exclamation point isn't so bad. Maybe there's nothing wrong with being a little peppy sometimes!

We had a pretty busy weekend. Tom had a moot court competition on Saturday morning (which went pretty well). I got up, cleaned the apartment, did the laundry, gave blood, went to the bank, went to the library, and then picked Tom up from moot court. I was very tired afterwards. I actually get FOUR HOURS of paid time off every time I give blood which makes it a much more bearable experience. Afterwards we went to Bakersfield and had a very enjoyable time with Tom's parents. It was nice to get away from LA for a few hours.

I saw something interesting on Friday while I as walking to work. I noticed that at the first intersection that I cross, the street-light was out. Not until I had awkwardly crossed the street did I realize that one of the streetlights was actually ON the sidewalk. I guess someone hit the pole or something . . . but no one had bothered to clean any of it up. It was all pretty strange:

Here are a couple more pictures from this weekend:

Our car gets REALLY dirty since it is rarely driven, so while we were in Bakersfield on Saturday Tom decided to take advantage of the "natural car wash" and wash it in the rain.

Also, we took a picture with Tom's parents . . . Tom thinks his arm looks weird in the picture, but I think he looks cute

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Jan said...

Punctuation isn't a bad thing. It helps to use bold-face fonts!