Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Moot Court

It turns out I got 3rd out of twenty people in my category in the moot court competition. I think I got robbed, but I'll concede to the possibility that maybe the girl who scored higher actually did better than me. However, my time doing debate in high school tells me that this is not necessarily true at all. Goodness is in the eye of the beholder and when you have different beholders, well, you can't really say much at all. This competition was just a mini competition, which was supposed to give us a flavor for next year, when they have two different big tournaments which make up the "real" competition.
Conclusion: I'm doing moot court next year and I intend to beat the pants off this girl. (note, her gender is immaterial, but since that is the only thing I know about her, it'll have to do) (also note, the guy in the picture is not me, but does give you some sense of what the competition is like) (one last note, I intend to add more stuff to the blog in the future so the burden isn't all on Erica to keep everyone up to date on our extremely fascinating lives)

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Jan said...

Third out of 20 is still pretty good, Tom! Congratulations! Moot Court competition is usually pretty nerve-wracking, from what I've been told.... So - I'd say you'll be all polished up for next year!