Thursday, January 01, 2009

8 Months

Harper is 8 months old now!
Harper is so much fun these days and she is definitely an independent little girl.
  • She is now saying Dada regularly (and she knows what it means)
  • She not only reaches for us when she wants us to pick her up, but she will pull on our fingers so that our hands are around her so that we'll pick her up
  • She says "mmm" when we feed her baby food. She particularly likes pears, bananas, and peaches. She still hates peas and green beans.
  • She is starting to use her pincer grasp. She particularly enjoys pinching my arm.
  • She is getting frustrated that she isn't mobile, but isn't showing any interest in crawling. We are still working on trying to get her to stay on her tummy for more than thirty seconds at a time.
  • She is still toothless. I keep thinking that I feel a tooth, but we haven't seen one yet.
  • She loves music and bounces along with the beat.


Jan said...

She is a little doll - but how could she not be????

Mom J said...

+You know, the longer she is toothless, the better her teeth someday will be...longer time under the gums laying down lots of enamel. So, this is a good thing. And, she doesn't bite! And when she does finally sprout a tooth, she can say, "Mom, my gums hurt a little. What should I do?"

The Thomases said...

She is looking more like you every day Erica!

Grandma J said...

If by chance Harper ever gets to be a disagreeable teenager, make sure she reads these blogs, and she will surely know that she is loved, and that her parents also love eachother.