Friday, January 16, 2009

Harper has taught herself to jam

It really is quite remarkable to watch Harper develop into a unique person. She is already exhibiting behaviors that are in no way related to any effort on our part to mold her. One thing that I find interesting is her extreme curiosity for new people and places. No matter how bad her mood, if we take her outside and go on a walk she INSTANTLY enters her Harper the Explorer mode and silently absorbs the sights and sounds like a sponge. As soon as she had the muscle control to move her head she has always made sure she has a clear view of what's going on. We look forward to helping that active mind find new things to explore.

Harper's latest discovery is how much more fun music is when you are jamming to the beat. I assure you this is not something she gets from me. Erica and I have the same cellphone, which has a radio that can play out the speakerphone. We may be getting a third one now that Harper has absconded one of them.

Harper Jams Out from Thomas Jackman on Vimeo.


Judy said...

The new Rock-maninoff!

Jan said...

Love the Rock-maninoff reference! Isn't it time we introduce Harper to the Russian composers????

I have a feeling that once Harper is up and "jammin" there won't be any stopping her!