Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This is a little late, but Tom's 26th birthday was on the 20th. We celebrated by doing something very exciting . . . driving to Utah! Well, maybe it wasn't that exciting, but he was a really good sport. We stopped by Cafe Rio in St. George and then had carrot cake at my mom's house. I am so grateful to have a husband who understands me, who doesn't complain about my cooking, and who puts up with me being a crazy backseat driver all the way to Utah and back. Thanks for being such a wonderful husband and father!


Randy said...

She is SO beautiful! And when I hold her, I see both a bit of Tom and Erica...yet her attitude reminds me a bit of Kara!

Jan said...

Happy belated birthday, Tom! Maybe you can have a real celebration now that ya'll are back from Utah?

Mom and Dad J said...

Happy birthday Son! You sure have been blessed in your life...and not only with fantastic parents, but with a beautiful wife, a fantastic goes on and on. We love you lots.