Friday, April 02, 2010

Ben & Jerry's free cone day

Last week we walked over to the mall for Ben & Jerry's free cone day. I was expecting to stand in line for a half hour, but there was only one person ahead of us in line so the whole process took less than a minute. It was yummy.

We're pretty much the worst parents ever because Harper is allergic to milk and she was already having some kind of environmental allergy that day and her eyes were swollen, but we let her have a few licks anyway. How are we supposed to tell her she can't have ice cream? Here she is doing her cheesy fake smile. Notice that her left eyelid is swollen.


April Celeste Garff said...

Everyone deserves ice cream. Harper will thank you---you made the right choice.

kristina and ryan said...

Cute picture!

Also, how allerigc is she to milk? Kaitlyn is allergic to milk to. (we just found out 2 weeks ago) the allergist told us to keep giving it to her and dairy products because since she has been having it for so long her body will probably just get used to it. but we noticed when she does have too much dairy/milk her eczema flares up a little more.
and we found out kaitlyn is allergic to juniper pollen which is very common around this time of year - just a thought.... if you dont know what she is allergic too outside.
anyway, like the previous comment - everyone deserves ice cream! :)

Jan said...

That ice cream looks wonderful! Go for it, Harper!

John said...

Poor harper, she has this look of "Soo good, soo much pain." Hope she gets over that dairy allergy thing soon.