Saturday, April 17, 2010

visiting Tom at work

Tom has been busy at work for the past few days and has been working very late. Since Tom and I share a car (which I normally have during the day) and I don't want Tom walking home late at night in the dark, we have been driving the car over to his office, leaving him some dinner, and then walking home in the evening. I got a photo and a little video when we stopped by earlier today (yes, today is Saturday).

Harper loves doing this. She gets to see Tom for a little bit before she goes to bed and she likes to play in the courtyard in front of his office building. Harper chose her own outfit today and is wearing her favorite thing - her swimsuit cover up.

Also, while I'm unloading things from my phone, here is a video from a couple weeks ago of Harper asking for her friend Kate. She is my friend Morgan's cute little girl and Harper asks to play with her all of the time.

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Jan said...

She just gets cuter all the time! Hope Harper has a wonderful birthday this week!

I played both videos. Angel was in the other room, but Chip was at my feet taking a nap. When he heard Tom's voice on the video, his ears perked up and he looked up at me like, "Who's that? And why don't I see him?"

His ears perked again when Harper's voice came through.