Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Harper Likes

I'll add my two cents to Harper's birthday post. Erica can change this if she sees fit.

Harper likes, in order of awesomeness:

chocolate >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> gold fish >> "shows" (hard to say which is her favorite at any given point) > everything else

Everything else in no particular order
  • singing the ABCs
  • pointing out things that she knows the name of (observations of "water" and "bike" are never missed)
  • hugs
  • kisses, or as she says it, kiiiiisses
  • dogs (still)
  • waking Mommy and Daddy up in the morning
  • running around like a mad woman
  • turning down food we know she likes
  • going up and down stairs while you hold her hands
  • BOOM BOOM POW (the music video)
  • sitting in Daddy's lap while he is at the computer
  • bringing you stuff - she will bring you a can of food from the cupboard and then bring you another one and then bring you another one and then bring you another one and then bring you another... If she ever spots anything that she knows is yours, she will bring it to you, saying "thank you" each time she hands you something.
  • saying what she wants until she gets it - Erica alluded to this in her post, but this applies to everything: show, show, show, show, show, show; or yo yo (yogurt), yo yo, yo yo, yo yo, yo yo... It is like she gets into these mental feedback loops that won't stop until you put your face 3 inches away from hers and tell her that you understand that she wants something, at which point she says "o tay," as if it was your idea to get her what she wanted

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Jan said...

She's such a sweet baby girl -- and she is growing up fast!