Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter weekend

For our Easter celebration we went to Ktown to get some Korean BBQ. Yum. Harper watched a "show" on Tom's iPhone while we ate. And then we went to Best Buy to check out the iPad. It was pretty cool. Harper decided she wanted to put on a little dance show for all of the customers.

And then finished up with some Yogurtland. Yum again. We did give Harper an Easter basket on Sunday morning, but neglected to get any photos. Oops.

Here are a couple of random, semi-recent photos that I have neglected to post. Harper doing one of her favorite things (riding the escalator):
A few weeks ago I took Harper to the dermatologist. I promise I didn't pose her for this picture.


Judy said...

I LOVE that dance show! We need to see that cute little girl in person.

mom j said...

Seconds to the dance show...and what did the dermatologist say?

Melody said...

What a hoot! That kid is amazing. Maybe that has to do with being my granddaughter. Maybe she should be getting an iPad for her birthday.

Tom said...

That dance show lasted several minutes.

I was tempted to get an iPad for her/the family to use, but I think we're going to wait a bit on that front. She would certainly know how to use one right now. She has a hard time getting the star in the star shaped hole, but she zips around with our iPhones like it was nothing.

Jan said...

Love the dance show!

And the pose on the doctor's table is hilarious!

Tom, I think you're wise to wait on the iPad. Maybe second generation?