Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 months old

I was giving Harper a bath today and I realized . . . Jonah turned 2 months old on the 15th and I totally missed it. 
He is the SWEETEST baby, which is lucky for him because he still isn't sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time at night.  He loves to be talked to and will smile and coo if you look at him. 
He loves to watch Harper.  We spend a lot of time playing in their room and he will just sit on the floor and watch her play around him.
He is a very good eater, but he is still spitting up a lot.  I weighed him today on our scale (I'm sure it wasn't super accurate) and he weighed in at just under 15 pounds.  Whoa.  Harper didn't weigh that much until she was 5 months old and, according to the internet, this puts him in the 97th percentile.  I was at the mall today and 2 different people asked me how old he was.  When I said he was 2 months old, they both said, "Wow, he's big."
But we absolutely love him, even Harper (most of the time) who loves to give him hugs and kisses.


Judy said...

Love his shirts here and Harper's (Tantrums are so last year) in your other post. Such cute kids!

Jan said...

I'm with Judy. Those shirts are great! I hope you're saving them! You can make a quilt for them when they are teenagers!

Seriously, they are both just so cute! I can't wait to meet Jonah! And to see Harper!

Here's hoping you'll get some sleep soon!