Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Harper and her tutu

I feel like I need to make more posts about Harper because things have been a little all-about-Jonah recently.  Harper is a little obsessed with her tutu.  I made it for her last Halloween and she refused to wear it, but now she wants to put it on every day.

She wears it while doing her "cheese" smile for the camera.
While eating applesauce in the rocking chair in her room.
While dancing in her room.
She frequently asks to wear it during her nap.  No photo.  I don't actually let her wear it during her nap.

Jonah does this thing occasionally where he takes a REALLY long nap in the morning.  Like the whole morning.  But Harper and I like to stay upstairs so we don't disturb him while he is sleeping.  It seems like now that Jonah is around Harper really enjoys just hanging out with me and/or Tom.  Here are some self portraits we took this morning.
 They were Harper's idea.

I think I have complained before about Harper's eczema.  It hasn't really gotten any better and we haven't really gotten any better with dealing with Harper saying "itchy, right here," eight thousand times a day, but we have found a new distraction: gummy bears.  I don't actually mean gummy bears, that is what Harper calls gum.  Maybe she is a little young to be chewing gum, but it is buying us all a lot of sanity right now.  Except now we hear her say, "gummy bear, okay," all the time.  But at least she's not scratching her skin up.

Harper hadn't really shown any interest in babies or dolls until Jonah was born.  Recently, she has started carrying around these 3 little dolls with her around the house (she has to have all three).  I got them for a dollar a few months ago at a garage sale.  One dollar well spent.

And one picture of Jonah.  He has started sleeping a little better at night and has actually only gotten up once the past three nights.  We just love him SO MUCH.  He is the best little boy. 


Miranda said...

If I'm not mistaken, those dolls that Harper loves are called groovy dolls. We have a whole box of clothes and accessories for them. My girls love love them. I love them way better than barbie dolls too.

Randy said...


For some reason, I'm thinking of Jill. Remember Jill? Love the pics and video. Thanks for sharing!

Jan said...

Harper is a little girl -- she's not a baby anymore! What a sweetie!

The Thomases said...

Harper is such a cute girl! Emma got bit really badly by some chiggers a few weeks ago and trying to deal with the itching was a nightmare. We were doing oatmeal baths twice a day and using a lot of cortizone cream. I say, don't worry about the gum, whatever keeps them happy!