Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a Harper post

Harper loves to sing, though usually she makes up most of lyrics.  Recently she has been singing the alphabet song a lot and it is so cute.  After I recorded this video with my phone Harper watched it about a dozen times and laughed hysterically each time.

Harper has recently started playing with other kids better and making friends.  She particularly likes her friend Kate and always asks to play with her.  Last week she came over to play one afternoon.  They saw me swaddle Jonah before his nap and Harper and Kate wanted me to swaddle dolls so that they rock them to sleep.

And then on Friday we went to a park in Santa Monica with some friends and here are Harper and Kate playing in the playground.


Randy said...

Send that in to "America's BEST Home Videos"!

Jan said...

A star is born....... She's not a baby anymore!