Monday, August 16, 2010

A Miracle Worker

Reading our blog might give you the impression that everything is giggles and smiles around the Jackman home. Actually, it is quite the opposite. We take pictures of the smiling children and post them on the blog so we can remember those precious moments during the other 23.5 hours of the day, when Jonah won't stop crying or Harper just HAS to have a snack and no, not that one.

This isn't to say that we have nightmare children (we do), but I wanted to make sure that Erica knows just how much I appreciate the fact that she has been able to maintain her sanity since little Jonah was born. Two kids is DEFINITELY harder than one kid. I imagine that it is not as bad as twins (bless you Robyn), but these two are never on the same schedule, and what was once precious moments that could be counted on during the day to rest and recoup are now often no longer there. Not to mention the spit up, and the liquid, get everywhere poop that the new guy has brought to the situation. Little Jonah needs to learn how to get things under control. I rarely come home to see Erica wearing the same shirt she had on when I left. My guess is that she goes through two or three while I'm gone.

I know my work makes it hard for me to be there as much as I should be. Some days I come home and I am tempted to play the "I'm more tired than you" game, but I know lately it isn't even close.

Thank you honey, for all that you do!


Your Husband


Doris said...

Ok, Tom, that was great. Kill the urge for anyone to have any more children. (just kidding) These few beginning months are hard, for sure. Hang on, it will get better, or not. My mother used to say "Little children, little problems. Big children, big problems." Hm.

Judy said...

Great post. This is one that should go viral.

Melody said...

I agree you do have an awesome wife. She is such a great mom! I am really proud of you Erica. You will survive. Look at me, I did! Oh yeah, I still have two teenagers.

Jan said...

Nice column, Tom...... These first few months will be tough -- but worth it in the long run. One of these days, you two will look back and wish Harper and Jonah were little again!

Hang in there, both of you!

West Family said...

Adding another child is always hard, and your wife is amazing. You can do it though! I have to say that once Gavin turned one I felt like I survived one of the hardest years of my life. But we all survive and we just have to help each other as much as possible and buoy our spouses up for the hard times ahead.

Miranda said...

I didn't know you were so sappy, Tom. this is the nicest post ever. I can relate to your struggles. I just keep remembering that this is a temporary phase. It won't be this awful forever. Erica should come and visit us and we can hang out at 3 am together. I would love some visitors!